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We’ve looked into several online and offline policies and have written up information pertaining to some of the largest insurance companies that offer travel insurance to Canadians. Want to find out what they do or don’t offer? Want to do a comparison of travel insurance in Canada? Click on one of the following reviews to get you started.

  • Air Canada. Travel insurance packages offered through Canada’s largest airline. All plans are underwritten by RBC Insurance.
  • Alberta Blue Cross. A limited selection of travel insurance plans for Alberta residents only.
  • Alberta Motor Association (AMA). With 950,000 members in a province with a population of just over 4 million, AMA offers four basic travel insurance plans and a visitors to Canada plan.
  • Allianz Canada. Formerly known as Mondail, Allianz is one of Canada’s major underwriters.
  • American Express (AMEX). One of Canada’s best known credit card companies, American Express also offers stand alone travel insurance policies.
  • April International. A relative newcomer on the Canadian travel insurance scene, they offer affordable rates and insurance for almost everyone, from students to seniors, backpackers and visitors to Canada included.
  • BCAA (British Columbia Automobile Association). With 0ver 800,000 members, BCAA offers travel insurance to Canadians in British Columbia and the Yukon.
  • BMO (Bank of Montreal). Travel insurance from the gold standard of Canada’s banks.
  • Blue Cross. Travel insurance offered by one of Canada Blue Cross’ seven member sites.
  • CARP and The McLennan Group. Not just for seniors, CARP’s travel insurance products are provided by the McLennan Group Insurance Inc.
  • Frontier MEDEX. This US-based company offers emergency evacuation insurance and medical travel insurance plans for Canadians.
  • GMS (Group Medical Services). While it might not be a household name, GMS is one of Canada’s biggest travel insurance companies.
  • HSBC. One of the world’s largest banks, HSBC offers two travel insurance plans for Canadians.
  • International SOS. World class medical evacuation insurance.
  • itravel2000. One of Canada’s first discount vacation booking websites, itravel2000 offers a few simple travel insurance packages to customers.
  • Manitoba Blue Cross. Travel insurance for Manitoba residents only.
  • Manulife. One of Canada’s largest names in travel insurance.
  • Medavie Blue Cross. Travel insurance for residents of New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island offered by
  • Medipac. Extremely popular with seniors, Medipac is endorsed by the Canadian Snowbird Association and the Royal Canadian Legion.
  • MedjetAssist. Medjet Assist is not traditional medical travel insurance. Instead, MedjetAssist offers its members air medical transport to the hospital of their choice in their home country,
  • Ontario Blue Cross. Travel insurance for residents of Ontario.
  • Pacific Blue Cross. Travel insurance offered to residents of British Columbia and the Yukon Territory.
  • PC Travel Insurance. Affordable comprehensive, single trip, and trip cancellation plans from President’s Choice Financial.
  • Quebec Blue Cross. Travel insurance and visitors to Canada plans for residents of Quebec only.
  • RATESDOTCA (formerly Canada’s leading comparison website for travel insurance. RATESDOTCA is a fast, easy way to get quotes from some of biggest companies in Canada.
  • RBC (Royal Bank). Probably the most popular travel insurance company in Canada.
  • RSA. RSA is one of the biggest travel underwriters in Canada.
  • Scotiabank ScotiaLife. A wide range of insurance, from medical travel insurance to visitors and student insurance.
  • Squaremouth. Allows you to compare dozens of travel insurance quotes and plans. Not well known in Canada, but well established in the States and the UK.
  • TD Meloche Monnex. Wide Horizions Solution multi-trip (annual) insurance that includes trip cancellation and interruption.
  • TD Travel Insurance. Single and multi-trip policies from one of Canada’s big banks.
  • TIC Travel Insurance. One of Canada’s few companies that are travel insurance specialists.
  • Tour+Med Travel Insurance. Popular with snowbirds, one of the few companies that offers custom plans on a case by case basis for pre-existing conditions.
  • travelcuts. Backpacker and student insurance offered by Canada’s top student travel agency (formerly Travel CUTS Bon Voyage).
  • Travel Guard. Despite a clunky web interface, Travel Guard is one of Canada’s biggest travel insurance companies with a wide range of policies.
  • Travel Insurance Review for Seniors in Canada. Compares prices and coverage for seniors travel insurance plans. Reviews travel insurance offered through credit cards for Canadian seniors.
  • TuGo Travel Insurance. A full suite of travel insurance products, including Visitors to Canada coverage (formerly Travel Underwriters).
  • World Escapade. Affordable travel insurance for residents of multiple countries, best known for being cheap backpacker’s and long term insurance.
  • World Nomads. Recommended by Lonely Planet and popular with backpackers, World Nomads offers insurance to travellers in over 150 countries.

This list is constantly growing. Don’t see your preferred insurance company here? Make sure they’re not just an agent or broker for one of the companies we’ve already reviewed and send us an email. We’ll look into it and add it to our review list.

We also offer reviews of travel insurance available on credit cards:

How to Compare Travel Insurance

The easiest way to compare Canadian travel insurance is to use a comparison website.

Comparison websites, like, let you compare quotes for travel insurance from several different companies at once.  You type in a few details about your trip, and compare policy coverage and prices to help narrow down your choice.  Check out our review of

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