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RBC ® travel insurance is part of RBC ® (the Royal Bank of Canada), one of the largest banks in Canada. RBC Insurance protects over three million customers every year, and has more than 40 years of experience.

You don’t need to be an RBC client to get travel insurance through RBC. That said, there are special Travel HealthProtector® Insurance plans that are only available to RBC clients. We talk briefly about the RBC client-only Travel HealthProtector® Insurance plans at the end of this article.


  • You don’t need to be an RBC client to get travel insurance through RBC.
  • RBC’s insurance policies come with unlimited travel medical insurance. Most banks simply repackage travel insurance sold by other companies. RBC is one of the few Canadian banks to underwrite their own travel insurance policies. RBC travel insurance is underwritten by RBC Insurance Company of Canada.
  • Helpful travel insurance recommendation tool, frequently asked questions and online claims information
  • All plans include 24/7 worldwide emergency travel assistance


Somewhat confusing system that offers Travel HealthProtector® Insurance only to RBC clients, while another section of the RBC website offers travel insurance to everyone, even those who aren’t RBC clients.

Travel Insurance Packages

RBC offers a wide suite of travel insurance packages. These include Single Trip packages (Deluxe Package, TravelCare® Package, Travel wsithin Canada, and a Non-Medical Package). There are also Multi-Trip Annual plans (Deluxe Package Multi-Trip Annual Plan and TravelCare® Package Multi-Trip Annual Plan). There’s also a package rider upgrade, which increases the delay of baggage and personal effects benefit, among other things.

RBC also offers travel medical insurance only plans. These available as Classic Medical Single Trip and TravelCare® Medical Single Trip plans. Multi-trip annual travel insurance only plans include the Classic Medical Multi-Trip Annual Plan, the TravelCare® Medical Multi-Trip Annual Plan, and the 4 Day Getaway Multi-Trip Annual Plan.

There are also Trip Cancellation & Interruption and Visitors to Canada plans.


Depending on the insurance you bought, you may be able to get a refund from RBC. Generally, you won’t get a refund if a claim has been paid, incurred or reported or if you’ve already left on your trip, and if you haven’t already left on your trip. Check your policy for refund details.

You need to know

  • Plans are underwritten by RBC Insurance Company of Canada.
  • Your insurance may be subject to a maximum of $20,000 if you do not have valid government health insurance plan coverage.
  • Policies and coverage can change at any time, without warning. This article is only intended as general advice. Please check your own policy carefully.

Where Can I Learn More?

You can learn more at RBC online or 1-866-896-8172, or at a RBC Insurance Store.

Travel HealthProtector® Insurance for RBC Clients

RBC also offers Travel HealthProtector® Insurance. To be eligible for Travel HealthProtector® insurance, the person travelling must be an existing RBC client (or a spouse, child, adopted child, or step-child of the client). Note: RBC clients include customers of any company under RBC.

Travel HealthProtector® Insurance plans include single trip and multi-trip emergency medical insurance, non-medical trip cancellation, trip interruption after departure, flight travel and accident insurance, and unlimited multi-trip annual plans.

You can get Travel HealthProtector® Insurance online with a credit card, through RBC online banking, over the phone (at 1-800-565-3129), or in person at an RBC branch. To get Travel HealthProtector® Insurance, you must be a resident of Canada over age 16 (residents of Quebec must be over age 18), and covered by a government health insurance plan for the full duration of the trip.

Want to Compare RBC’s rates?

The easiest way to compare Canadian travel insurance rates is to use a comparison website.

Comparison websites, like, let you compare quotes for travel insurance from several different companies at once. You type in a few details about your trip, and compare policy coverage and prices to help narrow down your choice. Check out our review of

By: Kanetix Travel Insurance

*As always, the information on this page is from one Canadian traveller to another. We have spent years abroad and have gotten to know the ins and outs of the industry however we are not travel insurance agents. If you have any travel insurance questions, please talk to a qualified travel insurance agent or broker. Finally, policies and plans can and do change all the time, without warning, so always consult your insurance policy since that is the legal document to which you are agreeing to.
*This article is only intended as general advice. Please check your own policy carefully.

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