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April International used to offer travel insurance plans for Canadians, however we can’t find any Canadian specific plans on their website as of late 2018.

We’ve kept the following information intact just for reference purposes, BUT, from what we can find, there’s no online presence for April International offering travel insurance to Canadians.

You may want to check out our review of World Escapade insurance instead.

April is still not a household word in Canada, but this may change as word of their low prices spreads. April is owned by the APRIL Group, a worldwide insurer that offers personal, property, health and travel insurance. All of their plans have no deductible, meaning you won’t have to pay a penny for an approved claim.


  • Unlike many insurance companies, most April International policies cover most sports activities (except motorized sports and participation as a professional athlete), which is a great perk if you plan on hiking, scuba diving or para sailing while travelling. Make sure you check the exact wording of your policy as policies can change over time, and the type of sports covered may differ between policies
  • All plans are zero deductible
  • Affordable
  • You can add extra personal property and liability insurance and baggage insurance to your policy
  • 365 day coverage available on Snowbird plans for Canadian seniors


  • April International only offers insurance in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, but their office says they have plans to offer insurance for all of Canada soon

April International’s Plans

IMPORTANT! We’ve kept the following information intact just for reference purposes, BUT, from what we can find, there’s no online presence for April International offering travel insurance to Canadians.

The main plans they offer are single trip emergency medical travel insurance, multi-trip (annual) travel insurance, trip cancellation and interruption insurance, non-medical travel insurance, and all-inclusive travel insurance (which includes medical, trip cancellation, luggage, trip interruption and more). We break these down for you below.

April International also offers snowbird insurance for Canadian seniors (check out our comparison of rates and policies for seniors here), youth rates for young travellers, insurance for students studying abroad or in Canada, Visitors to Canada – Super Visa insurance (our review here), insurance for expat employees and individual expatriates, and even special insurance for journalists.

For all plans, you can choose between three types of coverage:

  • Worldwide coverage EXCLUDING Canada and the USA and high risk countries and territories
  • Worldwide coverage INCLUDING Canada and the USA but excluding high risk countries and territories
  • Within Canada only

Single trip emergency medical travel insurance

Single trip insurance covers unexpected accidents and illnesses when you’re out of your province of residence for the duration of one trip. $5 million in coverage and no deductable, this coverage is only available for Canadians 74 years of age and under.

Multi-trip (annual) travel insurance

Annual insurance will cover you if you are out of your province of residence multiple times a year.  You can choose between policies with a maximum per trip length of 15, 16 or 30 days. Maximum age for annual insurance is 59.

Non-medical travel insurance

This coverage doesn’t include any emergency travel insurance, making it useful to add extra coverage if you have a travel medical insurance plan elsewhere. The basic non-medical package only covers flight itinerary schedule change, $1,000 travel baggage & personal effects, with an option to up your baggage insurance to $5,000 or $10,000.

Trip cancellation and interruption

This package doesn’t include the non-medical benefits listed above (e.g. luggage), but does offer up to $12,000 trip cancellation insurance and unlimited trip interruption insurance.

Personal property

This package only includes $5,000 personal property insurance, but does not cover belongings in a commercial storage facility or warehouse. There’s a $200 deductible.

All-inclusive travel insurance

The all inclusive package includes $5 million in medical travel insurance, plus provides coverage for trip cancellation, interruption, emergency medical, travel baggage & personal effects, baggage delay and flight accident. Maximum of  45 days from age 60 to 74 and 30 days from 75 to 84.

April International’s Plans for Young Travellers

Perfect for backpackers under 30, April’s young travellers travel medical plan offers $1 million in emergency medical benefits. Trip cancellation and interruption, and baggage coverage is optional. A stand alone trip cancellation and interruption plan is also offered.

April International’s Snowbird Plans for Seniors

April’s snowbird policies are aimed at Canadians 55 years of age or over leaving Canada for a long trip. It carries an emergency medical benefit of $5 million. You can purchase policies with or without a deductible, and most medical conditions that are stable at least six months before departure are covered.

Travellers can get emergency medical insurance for up to 183 days (to a limit of 365 days if granted an extension on your government health insurance plan coverage).

The family policy can be a great savings, if you’re travelling with an unmarried dependent child or grandchild who is under the age of 21, or under the age of 26 and a full time student, or who is any age, but mentally or physically handicapped (refer to the policy for definitions of qualifying handicaps).

PlanRepeat Trips?Emergency MedicalTrip CancellationTrip InterruptionBaggageAge LimitDeductible
Multi-trip Annual PlanYes. 15, 16 or 30 days$5 Million0-59 years of age0
Single Trip Plan$5 Million74 years or less0
All Inclusive Plan$5 MillionOptional $12,000Unlimited$1,000Maximum of 45 days between 0 and 74 years old

Maximum of 30 days between 75 and 84 years old
Non-Medical Travel PlanOptional $12,000Optional Unlimited$1,00084 years or less0
Optional Trip Cancellation and Interruption$12,000Unlimited0


You cannot extend your policy online, but you may be able to extend by phone if you haven’t made a claim, and your coverage hasn’t expired.

Cancellations and Refunds

You cannot cancel your policy online, but your policy might be cancelled or partly refunded if no claim occurs in first part of travel, or if you cancel before you travel. Contact the company by phone.

In the province of Quebec, you can cancel your insurance policy within 10 days of purchase and receive a full refund if you cancel in writing by registered or certified mail. This 10 day refund provision doesn’t apply if you purchased the insurance 10 days or less before your departure, or your trip duration is 10 days or less.

You Need to Know

  • They offer a 365 day trip maximum on the single trip plan, for those up to 59 years, if you’ve been granted an extension by your government health insurance plan
  • You may not travel to countries if your country of residence has issued a travel warning advising against all travel
  • If you are already outside your province, you cannot purchase April International travel insurance.
  • World Nomads travel insurance will let Canadians purchase insurance after they’ve left on their trip or if you’re already abroad, you can look into April Internationals Expatriate plans.
  • For traditional insurance you must be covered by a Canadian government health plan
  • April International insurance is underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada
  • April International is part of April International Canada based in Quebec, part of the April Group, a worldwide insurer established in 1988

How to Learn More

We’ve kept the following information intact just for reference purposes, BUT, from what we can find, there’s no online presence for April International offering travel insurance to Canadians.

*As always, the information on this page is from one Canadian traveller to another. We have spent years abroad and have gotten to know the ins and outs of the industry however we are not travel insurance agents. If you have any travel insurance questions, please talk to a qualified travel insurance agent or broker. Finally, policies and plans can and do change all the time, without warning, so always consult your insurance policy since that is the legal document to which you are agreeing to.
*This article is only intended as general advice. Please check your own policy carefully.

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