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Travel Guard is a leading global provider of insurance services and products with more than 20 years of experience in the market.

Travel Guard has provided travel insurance for millions of travellers worldwide through distributing it’s policies in more than 12,000 travel companies round the globe.


  • Convenient and easy online quotes
  • Emergency medical insurance for people aged 60 and older is available


  • The policy wording is filled with dense legal jargon
  • A poorly designed website makes it difficult to find out coverage details and coverage amounts before going through the quote process


Travel Guard’s insurance products include:

  • Single trip and annual (multi-trip) plan options
  • All inclusive single and multi-trip (annual) plans
  • Trip cancellation and interruption plans
  • Visitors to Canada plan
  • Student plan

Emergency Medical Insurance Plans

Travel Guard offers single and multi-trip (annual) emergency travel medical plans, all-inclusive single and all-inclusive multi-trip (annual) plans, stand-alone trip cancellation and interruption coverage, and visitors to Canada and student insurance.

Optional coverage (which is only available as an add-on to other products like the all inclusive or trip cancellation package) includes:

  • Rental Car Collision Damage Protection Coverage – Damage and physical loss protection for your rental car.
  • Golf Protector – Protection and coverage for your golf equipment and prepaid green fees.
  • Ski Protector – Protection and coverage for your ski and snowboard equipment, and prepaid lift passes.
  • Business Protector – Protection and coverage for your business equipment. An example would be your laptop computer.
  • Cruise & Tour Protector – Protection and coverage for your missed pre-booked cruise or tour departure.
  • Expanded Benefits Upgrade – Additional benefit limits and coverage for emergency medical/dental, trip cancellation, interruption, delay, luggage and personal effects.

Travel Guard Single Trip Emergency Medical Plan

Travel Guard’s single trip emergency travel insurance plan offers $2 million in coverage. There’s a special mature single trip plan for Canadian residents age 60 and over travelling for 31 days or longer. If you are 60 years of age or older you must complete a medical questionnaire.

Travel Guard Annual (Multi-Trip) Emergency Medical Plan

The plan covers unlimited trips for the whole year. Top up coverage is available in case you require additional days’ coverage. It can be purchased up to 120 days prior to your  trip departure. You can purchase the plan for 9, 16, 30 or 60 days.  If you’re 60 to 70 years of age, you can get insurance for an unlimited number of trips of 45 days or less during a 12 month period.

Travel Guard Trip Cancellation

Trip cancellation insurance includes:

  • Trip Cancellation – cover against travel advisories from the Canadian government, loss of a job and loss of an immediate family member.
  • Trip Interruption – interruption due to unforeseen interruptions like mechanical failure while driving to the airport, unfavorable weather conditions or if your traveling companion develops an emergency medical condition.
  • Trip Delay – Travel Guard will cover the return flight and cost of rebooking.
  • Lost, Damaged & Stolen Luggage – compensation for lost, damaged or stolen luggage during your trip.

Travel Guard Deluxe All Inclusive Plan

The Travel Guard Deluxe All-Inclusive plan includes trip cancellation (100% of trip cost), trip interruption, $2 million coverage for emergency medical expenses, emergency evacuation & repatriation, lost, damaged and stolen luggage, baggage delay ($400) LiveTravel™ (a 24 hour emergency travel assistance hotline), concierge service and BagTrak (a service for tracking down lost luggage). A family rate is not offered for this plan.

Travel Guard offers an all inclusive insurance for both single trip plans and multi-trip (annual) plans.

If you are 75 years of age or older you must complete a medical questionnaire.

Comparison of Travel Guard Travel Insurance Plans

PlanMedical Insurance CoverageDeductibleTrip Cancellation and InterruptionBaggageMaximum Age
Travel Guard Single Trip Emergency Medical PlanUp to 2 million
Travel Guard Annual (Multi-Trip) Emergency Medical PlanUp to 2 millionvariableUp to age 79, with a trip length of 9, 16, 30 or 60 days, Trip length maximum is 45 days or less if you’re 60 or over.
Travel Guard Trip Cancellation
variable$750 baggage and personal effects, $400 baggage delayUp to age 84 183 days maximum
Travel Guard All-Inclusive PlanUp to 2 millionvariable$750 baggage and personal effects, $400 baggage delaySingle trip, up to 84 years. 183 days max if under age 60, 30 days max if 60-74.
Multi-trip (annual) up to age 74.

Visitors to Canada

This plan covers visitors to Canada for emergency medical expenses incurred in Canada or during a side trip outside of Canada (not to your country of origin, and provided the side trip begins and ends in Canada). There are three basic plans, with the following emergency accident and sickness benefits: Plan 1: $25,000 ($50 Deductible), Plan 2: $50,000 ($50 Deductible), and Plan 3: 150,000 ($0 Deductible).

Tips for Saving with Travel Guard Travel Insurance

Travel Guard offers family rates to families when the oldest member is under age 59.  The premium is based on the two oldest travelers. Family rates are available on the single trip or annual (multi-trip) plans.

Refunds and Extensions

  • If you purchase the insurance policy and change your mind then you can claim a refund before the start date. In case a claim has already been paid no refund premiums will be made. If your policy includes trip cancellation, then refunds will be made without penalty when a supplier alters or cancels service. An administrative fee of around $25 may be applied. Request refunds in writing. There are no partial refunds on the multi-trip plan.
  • For trip cancellation and interruption refunds are available up to the departure date. No refunds are available if you’ve filed a claim.
  • Single Trip Optional Policy Extension If You choose to extend your trip beyond your scheduled return date, and you have not made a claim nor is there a reason to claim, and you’re covered under a single trip option or you have purchased top-up coverage, you may apply for a policy extension, if the request for an extension is made and approved by Travel Guard before your original return date and you pay the extra premium before your original return date

You Need to Know

  • Travel Guard insurance is underwritten by AIG Insurance Company of Canada (AICC), formerly Chartis Insurance Company of Canada (CICC).
  • You must notify Travel Guard before seeking medical attention. If you do not contact Travel Guard, you’ll be responsible for 30% of any eligible expenses that you incur unless your medical condition prevents you from calling. You must call Travel Guard as soon as medically possible or have someone call on your behalf.
  • Policies and coverage can change at any time, without warning. This article is only intended as general advice. Please check your own policy carefully.
  • You must purchase your travel insurance before you leave on your trip. 

How to Learn More

You can get a learn more from the Travel Guard website or phone them at 1-866-648-8422.

Want to Compare Travel Guard’s Rates?

An simple way to compare Canadian travel insurance rates is to use a comparison website.

Comparison websites, like RATESDOTCA, let you compare quotes for travel insurance from several different companies at once. Type in a few details about your trip, and compare policy coverage and prices to help narrow down your choice.

Click here to learn more on the RATESDOTCA website.

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