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When Travel Insurance Policies Take Effect

We've all done it. Scoured the internet for the best holiday deals, weighed out all the options, decided on our ideal location, picked out the best hotels and finally booked our plane ticket months in advance, thinking we were ahead…

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Credit cards and travel insurance

Credit Card Insurance – Why It Isn’t Right For Everyone

Everyone knows credit cards can come with a lot of great perks like rewards and cash back. More and more are even including extended warranties and some of the higher end ones even include travel insurance. In terms of travel insurance, getting a credit card with included coverage can be a great way on minimizing insurance premiums. Regardless which plan or card you choose, if you're counting on being covered while you travel, there's a few things you need to know about most credit card travel insurance plans before heading off into the unknown. The biggest is that you might not be covered at all.
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