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Car Lanes To Get Into US Border From Canada

Multi-Trip Insurance for Canadian Cross Border Shoppers

For people that live close enough to the U.S. border or frequently jaunt across to save on U.S. only deals, getting travel insurance should be a high priority. When you factor in the total amount of time you spend across the border, even if it's only for a few hours at a time, the chance of something going wrong increases significantly. Unfortunately, purchasing traditional travel insurance every time you skip across isn't convenient or the most economical. That's why multi-trip insurance (sometime known as annual insurance) was created. It's usually a yearly plan that covers frequent small trips out of the country. It's also one of the best deals for the frequent border crosser.
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Hospital Emergency Sign Ugencias Tomás Fano

Am I Covered By Provincial Health Care When I Travel Overseas?

We were visiting Greece this winter when our seven year old fell in the playground and ripped his ear. One emergency room visit later, and we were left with a $180 Euro (about $250 CDN) bill for a few stitches. In our case, the cost of the visit was about the same as the deductible on our insurance policy. But we were left wondering what, if anything, our provincial health plan would have covered for an emergency overseas. Here's the answer...
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