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Can Canadian Seniors Get Travel Insurance on Credit Cards?

As little as a year ago, it was almost impossible for Canadian seniors to find a credit card with travel insurance perks.

Happily, that’s changed in the past year, and there are now several credit cards that offer medical travel insurance to Canadians 65 and over.

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There’s a catch though (isn’t there always, at least when it comes to insurance?): The number of days that seniors are covered for is usually much less than for younger card holders (though many companies will let you purchase additional days).

The health travel insurance that comes with many credit cards comes with a multi- trip policy, meaning that you can use the insurance for several different trips through the year, for a limited number of days each time.

The Scotiabank Platinum American Express Card ($399 annual Fee) and Scotiabank Gold American Express card ($99 annual fee, but usually with some great sign up bonuses) both offer 10 days of coverage per trip for those 65 years of age or older.

YOU NEED TO KNOW: Some credit cards only offer accidental death insurance, which does not provide medical travel insurance if you become sick or injured on your trip.

Check out our reviews of credit cards that offer medical travel insurance for Canadian seniors:

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